Hello here is  Joe


and here I will describe for you my wishes for a Thangka of green tara 

cm : 105 x 80  –   inch : 41″ x  31″  ( painting  without silk frame 

here you se me at Kopan Monastery in 2014. Me and my partner are buddhist practitioners for 20 years.

this thangka is quite close to what I want.
In the next steps I will describe what I would like to change.

The thangka is used for teaching purposes, therefore the figures 1 to 5 should be included.
Also the symbols at 6

At points 7 and 8, this tare has lienia that we in the West would interpret as rather unattractive. Females in this country spend thousands of euros to smooth and remove such areas – here we have probably culturally conditioned other ideals of beauty 😉
so : not this lines 

the face of the tara is very important to me. 
 The Green Tara often has an angry face or just doesn’t look nice. 
I know the spiritual explanations for this, but I want a beautiful face.

In the following I would like to show some versions and comment them. This version here on the left is quite well done.

or may we go a bit more modern …  like this 

ok this is to mush Hindu-Bolywood-Style

But I do not want to give up beauty at the tare

What I find well done are hips, belly and breasts

( klick on the pics to see them full size )



it swell done 

her face is also nice 

the nipples should not be covered – we are not a monastery 😉 


also here face is nice :